documentary projects

Graphic documentary style focusing on the urban culture and landscape.

Analog and Digital.

Double Exposure Series - In-Between - 2013 - Prints available for sale


Turf Feinz, Oakland, CA. 2011

dancers circa 2009-2011

Documenting the London dance scene, following the Realness group and then the Turf Feinz in Oakland, CA.

Blue House - Hi Res.jpg

Blue House, Guinea. 2005

Guinea, west africa, 2007

Trip to Guinea, West Africa whilst studying Ethnography of West Africa at the School of Oriental and African Studies [SOAS], London, UK.

In search of Teknivals in Eastern Europe, 1999.

london squats circa 1999-2010

Living in artist squats, occupying abandoned space in East London. Lengthy road trips with new-age Tech-nomads. Where my photographic journey continued since high school and leading to studying Anthropology.